Vaser Lipo Treatments for the Face? Surgeons Say Yes

Getting rid of loose skin under the jaw or around the cheeks can be a challenge without surgery, especially for those who have loose or aging skin that no longer responds to topical creams and serums.  Facial liposuction treatments are on the rise as more people attempt to get rid of sagging facial skin, removing fatty deposits and leaving the skin looking tighter and more toned.

VASER Lipo technology is now being used on the face, an ultrasonic device that has long been used for liposuction on the body because it can target fatty deposits with accuracy and break down fatty tissue within minutes.

VASER treatments can help to recontour the body and may pose fewer risks than conventional liposuction.  Since the tube used to break down and extract the fat is so small, it is proving to be an effective solution for removing facial fatty deposits as well.  Marlene Mash, MD, a board certified dermatologist and dermasurgeon is just one of several surgeons offering VASER Lipo for the face and neck to create an instant 'neck lift'.

Source: Medical News Today

Patients who pursue the conventional VASER Lipo treatment may also know this as the 'Wide Awake Lipo' treatment, as reported here:


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