Nation's Top Plastic Surgeons Finally Available for a Consult

After you've tracked down the right plastic or cosmetic surgeon for your procedure, booking a consultation can be an ongoing challenge.

According to this New York Times article, many of the country's top plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills and New York boast waiting lists of 6 - 12 months+ as they accommodate for high-profile clientele, celebrities and other candidates on the roster. Dr. Anthony C. Griffin, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon who is also a celebrity plastic surgeon on the reality TV show 'Extreme Makeover' reports an average wait time of three months; in 2005, the average wait time was two years.

A slowing economy and smaller budgets for 'luxuries' may be the key reason why doctors are noticing a dramatic drop in patients. People are pooling their resources for necessities such as gas, food and housing costs. Plastic or cosmetic surgery procedures may not be a top priority for many as they reconfigure their budgets.

Still, fewer people in line for that tummy tuck or BOTOX treatment means you might finally be able to get in touch with your doctor of choice, and book a consultation within weeks.

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