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Q&A: What is the cause of and timing for the loss of a large lump in my cheek following 4 wisdom teeth extractions?

I am a 23 yr old otherwise healthy female, and I just had all 4 wisdom teeth extracted 5 days ago. The two on my left side were both vertically impacted. They gave me IV sedation, and my teeth came out ... View full question & answer >>

Q&A: Should I let my now present wisdom teeth come in if I had 4 extractions before having braces which are now removed?

My two lower wisdom teeth are coming in and I have been feeling discomfort and pain for about five months, the pain has been on and off. The first time was in August and then again in December and now ... View full question & answer >>

Q&A: When will the pain end for the impacted wisdom tooth I had extracted 5 weeks ago?

5 weeks ago I had an impacted wisdom tooth extracted (lower right side) and the Oral Surgon said he had to cut into the jaw to get the tooth out. I expected pain for a week or so, but 3 weeks later I ... View full question & answer >>