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Q&A: Is there a test for eyelash extension allergies?

Andrew Hirsch, MD Picture - LocateADoc.com I was wondering if there is a allergy test that can be performed to figure out why my eyelids react a certain way to eyelash extensions. I had been getting eyelash extensions for 6 months and had to stop ... View full question & answer >>

Q&A: My 10 year old son wears glasses, is CRT safe for kids?

Larry Sumner, OD Picture - LocateADoc.com My 10 year old son wears glasses, CRT safe for kids? View full question & answer >>

Q&A: How much does Vision ICL cost?

Edward Manche, M.D. Picture - LocateADoc.com Good day Dr. i just want to ask about how much the Vision ICL cost ? thank you in advance. View full question & answer >>

Q&A: Is it normal to see bubbles inside the eye after retina surgery?

Vision Surgery Consultant's, P.A Picture - LocateADoc.com Lost sight in one eye. Had surgery from Detached Retnal, and Hemorrhage inside the eye.. Eye drops are placed in eye 4 times a day. Seeing bubbles inside the eye. Is this normal? View full question & answer >>

Q&A: Can I have vision correction surgery after 50 years ago?

Reza Mozayeni, MD Picture - LocateADoc.com I am 50 years old. I use glasses. Because of my age a cant have an surgery??? I have heard after 40 losing vision it is not possible. View full question & answer >>

Q&A: Is it better to have IVF or a tubal ligation reversal?

Jeffrey Goldberg, MD Picture - LocateADoc.com I'm 33 yrs old and I got my tubes tied almost 3 yrs ago. I want to have another baby. So my question is would it be better to have it reversed or do ivf. View full question & answer >>

Q&A: What eye surgery should I undergo to remove spectacles?

Ronald Friedman, MD Picture - LocateADoc.com My eye numbers are -10.5 and -11.5,cornea thickness is 0.575mm and cornea curve is 41.5. Kindly suggest which eye surgery I should undergo to remove spectacles? View full question & answer >>

Q&A: Is LASIK surgery covered under any medical insurances?

J. Woodhams, M.D., FAAO Picture - LocateADoc.com is lasik sugery covered under any medical insurances View full question & answer >>

Q&A: Is Frontalis Sling Surgery reversible for Congenita Ptosis?

Emilio Justo, M.D. Picture - LocateADoc.com Hello I Have Congenital Ptosis Now I am 24 Years Old I have some questions regarding Frontalis Sling Surgery 1. Is Sling Reversible? I have mild to moderate Ptosis 2. Will my eyes droop even more after ... View full question & answer >>

Q&A: What type of doctor should I contact for an unusual vortex in vision?

Andrew Caster, MD, FACS Picture - LocateADoc.com My daughter is seeing an unusual vortex with her vision, and sometimes flashing lights. What type of doctor should I contact for this? View full question & answer >>