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Q&A: My daughter's toenail is growing in layers and keeps popping off. Is there anything that can help?

Howard Fox, DPM, FACFS Picture - My 16 year old daughter have both of her big toenails growing in layers. When it get to a certain point, the toenail pops off. I've had her tested for fungus last year by a podiatrist and it came ... View full question & answer >>

Q&A: Can you recommend a good doctor for a second opinion regarding the loss of my figure nail and no re-growth for over a year?

Amy Taub, M.D. Picture - My nail on my left hand (ringfinger) is just about gone. It started out as a white spot and eventually the whole nail lifted from the nail bed. I've been to Kaiser about 3 times and had it tested ... View full question & answer >>