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Q&A: Is there a natural herb to treat an eye infection?

I have a growth on my eye lead that come and goes what kind of natural herb that is good for treatment? View full question & answer >>

Q&A: My right eye has a fog that has increased the last few days. What could cause this?

Thomas Croley, M.D. Picture - LocateADoc.com My Rt eye has s fog that stated at the lower area and has increase up in the last few days. What could cause this? View full question & answer >>

Q&A: After LASIK surgery 8 years ago, eye is blurry. Should I get LASIK surgery again?

William Goldstein, MD Picture - LocateADoc.com I had Lasik surgery about 8 years ago. I am not sure what my eyesight was but my contact prescriptions were 6.25 in my left eye and 4.50 in my right. After having the surgery my left eye was close to ... View full question & answer >>

Q&A: What should I do if my 4 year-old son's eyes turn out and up during daydreaming?

Ernest Kornmehl, MD Picture - LocateADoc.com My son is 4y/o. For the past year, I've noticed his eyes turning out and up when he is daydreaming. First it was just the left eye, but now I notice that his right eye does the same thing. I have ... View full question & answer >>

Q&A: How important are free for 6 months or 2 years or lifetime enhancement programs for LASIK surgery?

Byron Stratas, M.D., F.A.C.S. Picture - LocateADoc.com How important are the enhancement programs offered at each center, as I have noticed some free for 6mo. 2yrs. and one for lifetime. View full question & answer >>

Q&A: My husband was born with underdeveloped optic nerves. Is there anything other than glasses to help him?

John D. Zdral, M.D. Picture - LocateADoc.com My husband was born with underdeveloped optic nerves. This causes him to have severe nystagmus. His vision is 20/80 and can not obtain his drivers license this year. Is there a surgery or other medical ... View full question & answer >>