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Q&A: What experience should an Ophthalmologist have in order to perform Excimer Laser surgery and what can I expect to pay for both eyes?

David Cano, M.D. Picture - LocateADoc.com REF: Excimer Laser What experience should an ophtalmology have with this procedure regarding the number of surgeries done? What price am I looking for both eyes? What are the positives ? What are the ... View full question & answer >>

Q&A: What can I do to remove a very large planters wart from the ball of my foot and not leave a scar?

Gregory Caputy, MD, Chief Surgeon Picture - LocateADoc.com On your list of doctors I wasn't sure who to ask so...I have had a planters wart for three years and have tried everything to get rid of it. Acid, lazer, anti cancer drug, scrapping, but nothing has ... View full question & answer >>