Earlobe Reduction (Otoplasty) Ask A Doctor Questions and Answers on LocateADoc.com


Q&A: Can otoplasty fix an earlobe that is smaller than the other?

William Rosenblatt, MD Picture - LocateADoc.com Can otoplasty fix an earlobe that is smaller than the other? I have an earlobe that is almost completely missing. I figured earlobe reduction would make them even sized, but I was hoping there was a way ... View full question & answer >>

Q&A: How difficult is it to get gauged earlobes back to normal?

Melek Kayser, MD, FACS Picture - LocateADoc.com I am looking to get my currently gauged earlobes put back to normal and I was hoping to get some recommendations and pricing for the procedure. Thank you View full question & answer >>

Q&A: Can a saggy earlobe be fixed?

Deborah Pan, MD, LLC. Picture - LocateADoc.com Good afternoon i have a saggy earlobe and i want to know how much is it to fix it. can you please contact me View full question & answer >>

Q&A: How long after having an elongated ear piercing closed can I have the ear re-pierced?

Kenneth Dembny, M.D. Picture - LocateADoc.com I want to have an elongated ear piercing closed. How long after having this done can I have the ear re - pierced? View full question & answer >>

Q&A: How much would it cost to get ear lobe surgery?

Brian Windle, M.D., FACS, FRCS(C) Picture - LocateADoc.com How much would it cost for my ear lobes to get surgery because they were stretched to a double zero. I have them out for about a year now and there almost closed. They are open just enough to barley see ... View full question & answer >>