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Q&A: Is there a way to smooth out the lines on my face?

Puya Davoodi, MD Picture - I am allergic to SLS, and have several line scars on my face from its use. One is fairly deep. Is there a way to smooth them out? View full question & answer >>

Q&A: Can a scar be repaired from an exploratory lap after a c-section?

Michael Lyons, MD Picture - I have had two c-sections. The last in 2007 in which I had two emergency exploratory laps within two weeks afterwards due to bleeding and sepsis which I actually died. After a month in the hospital the ... View full question & answer >>

Q&A: What is better chemical peel or laser C02?

John Hilinski, M.D. Picture - what is better chemical peel or laser C02 View full question & answer >>

Q&A: What is the latest treatment for skin tag removal?

Thomas Wright, M.D., F.A.C.P., R.V.T. Picture - What is the latest treatment for skin tag removal? I am in my late 40's and over the last decade I have developed many skin tags. I estimate around 50 skin tags that need to be removed. View full question & answer >>

Q&A: How many treatments would be needed to remove two birthmarks?

Howard Heppe, M.D. Picture - Would like to know the cost of removing two birthmarks on my back and on average how many treatments I would need View full question & answer >>

Q&A: What should I do about getting a pigmentation on my cheek removed?

HOWARD TOBIN, MD, FACS Picture - Ihave pigmentation on my cheek.and I would like to get surgical remove.the pigment is the of a quater View full question & answer >>

Q&A: How safe is Botox injections to help alleviate migraines?

Gope Hotchandani, M.D. Picture - I am to receive botox injections in 4 week in my head and trapzius muscle how safe is this. View full question & answer >>

Q&A: What type of doctor would help with a mole removal?

Robert Wilcox, MD Picture - already had one mole removed , melanoma, had another scraped, not normal and has to be removed, deep, is there such a thing as a mole doctor in the dermatologist field that does it all at once, not having ... View full question & answer >>

Q&A: What are my options to remove two small moles on my face?

J. Wendel, MD Picture - I am looking for a permanent removal of two small moles on the face. We had one done about a year ago and it has come back I am wanting to get a laser solution, etc... that will do a permanent removal ... View full question & answer >>

Q&A: How do I get rid of a discoloration from a burn mark?

James Hoyt, MD Picture - how to get rid of a discoloration from and old burn mark on my thigh area? View full question & answer >>