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Q&A: Can we expect the doctor's prognosis to be true that my husband will be in a wheel car by age 35 because he broke his back at age 18?

My husband has major back pain & spasms. When he was 18, he broke his back. The doctor said that if he did walk again, by age 35 he would be in a wheelchair. He is now 33 and his back pain is getting ... View full question & answer >>

Q&A: What are my options outside of surgery for a herniated S1 disc and degenerative joint disease in the L5?

Im a competitive strongman athlete. I have been out of the gym for several weeks now. Recently I was diagnosed with spondylolysis and a herniated disc. The spondylolysis is on the L5 bilaterally. The ... View full question & answer >>

Q&A: What are my options if my wrist bones have shifted and I suffer from gout?

my right wrist bones has shifted to the left. and i've been told that surgey is the only thing to help , and i suffer with the gout as well. i was told glueing the wrist in nutrul postion would. what ... View full question & answer >>