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Q&A: Can a chin augmentation help after orthognathic surgery?

Andrew Pichler, M.D., FACS Picture - i've had orthognathic surgery to repair an open bite but i still have a droopy lower lip and am a mouth breather and have trouble eating with my mouth closed. Can a chin augmentation help with these ... View full question & answer >>

Q&A: Is it possible to have chin augmentation, breast augmentation and liposuction done at the same time?

Gregory Caputy, MD, Chief Surgeon Picture - I need some info or case reports of a chin implant mentoplasty? also would like breast augmentation and liposuction at the same time, or is this too much for a single anesthesia? View full question & answer >>

Q&A: Can a chin implant be removed / replaced after 11 years and what could be the cost?

Gregory Caputy, MD, Chief Surgeon Picture - I had a chin implant 11 years ago, I have never been happy with the results. Can the implant be replaced or removed after this length of time? And what would the approx. cost be? View full question & answer >>

Q&A: Is numbness in my chin and lower lip normal and for how long after getting chin surgery?

Gregory Caputy, MD, Chief Surgeon Picture - Hello I have just returned from Mexico where I have had My second Rhino. done the first was about 15 years ago, this left me unhappy with my nose. now 33yo I decided to do it again along with my chin. ... View full question & answer >>