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Q&A: Should I worry about addiction if I increase my Xanax dosage to help me sleep?

Gina Garbell, Psy.D. Picture - Hello. After a two-month of treatment with xanax 1 mg / day (cure about poor sleep or not sleep at all) , I continued to take a pill (0,5 mg) once or twice in a month due to difficulty in sleeping some ... View full question & answer >>

Q&A: What can I do to help a relationship where someone is critical of me?

James Anthony, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist Picture - Hello, I have a question relating to a friend. First of all he's a great guy and he's very intelligent. He has a good humor sense. I have been friends with him for 6 to 8 years now. When I'm ... View full question & answer >>

Q&A: I am pregnant and should I tell my doctor that I take a narcotic and can I get into trouble with the law?

Daniel Potter, MD, FACOG Picture - I am 37 weeks pregnant & have been taking lorcet plus (narcotic) the entire pregnancy. I have been going to all my prenatal visits & I have never told my doctor about taking this medication. I ... View full question & answer >>