Q&A: Would you recommend doing INTACTS to treat Keratoconus and what are the side effects?

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I am having a problem wearing hard contacts to treat my Keratoconus. Would you recommend doing the InTACS? and what are the side effects?


Emil William Chynn, MD, FACS, MBA - LocateADoc.com

i used to do intacs, and it is somewhat effective
recently i switched to CXL, which has been done in europe for over a decade, is standard of care there, and is way more effective usually than intacs
about 300 MDs in the USA, and about 3 doctors in NYC are doing CXL, and i am one of them
we just got a new CXL machine, which allows us to do treatments in 10 min rather than 30
every patient we have treated had noticeable gains in visual acuity, decreased astigmatism, and stronger corneas so we arrested the progression of their KC, and also flattened out their corneas, so they could wear contacts again or better in every case!:)
so for most people who used to do intacs in the US, probably CXL would be a better option today
it is still not FDA approved for some bizarre reason, i enrolled a patient in a FDA trail for CXL at columbia a decade ago (where i went to med school 20 yrs ago), and for a decade FDA has said they will probably be approved "next year"
we even would accept medical insurance for partial payment 
hope this helps

--Emil William Chynn, MD, FACS, MBA
New York, NY

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