Q&A: Would vaginal rejuvenation be helpful to alleviate discomfort from lichens sclerosus?

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My gynecologist diagnosed me with lichens schlorosis earlier this year. He prescribed an ointment to use but I still experience daily pain, bleeding and discomfort. I'm hardly ever "well" enough for intercourse with my husband. Would vaginal rejuvenation be helpful?


Jennifer Hayes, D.O. - LocateADoc.com

I’m glad you asked this question.  Vaginal Rejuvenation involves tightening the vagina. This will not help with lichen sclerosus. I do, however, offer an exciting new therapy called the O-Shot. The O-Shot is a vaginal treatment that is regenerative in nature and uses PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) from your own blood to help the nerves. I have used it successfully with several of my lichen sclerosus patients.

--Jennifer Hayes, D.O.
Clearwater, FL


Uma M Penmetsa, MD - LocateADoc.com

Surgery is not recommended in this condition as it is immune mediated and the skin changes recur. Steroids and immune modulators are the treatments of choice

--Uma M Penmetsa, MD
Rochester, NY

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