Q&A: Would eyebrow implants be good for my skinny eyebrows?

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I have struggled pretty much my whole life with uneven, skinny eyebrows. I rarely pluck them. They seem to grow at different lenghts and are just uneven looking. I can let them grow and grow and they are just so uneven. They make me self concious. Do you think eyebrow implants would be good for me?

- Danielle


John Satino - LocateADoc.com

Danielle; We do eyebrows all the time, The only problem is the hair is taken from the back of the scalp, and must be trimmed on a regular basis, since it grows much faster than normal eyebrows do.   You can call me at 800-898-3499 and I can give you more info, cost &est.

--John Satino
Clearwater, FL


Ayman El-Attar, MD, FASLMS - LocateADoc.com

Yes it can be an option please schedule a complimentary consultation

--Ayman El-Attar, MD, FASLMS
Mercerville, NJ

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