Q&A: Would a laser remove a scar that curves around my belly button?

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Im 18 about 110 pounds and i had an emergency appendix surgery that left me with a vertical 6 inch scar it curves around my belly button during the closing of the stomach it re-opened would i have to go under the knife or would laser be a better way to make it better?

- Brenda Marie


Christopher Nolan, MD -

I am unclear if this is still an open wound or one that has healed and is now closed.  
Lasers will help with scars that are healed and red.
If the scar is thick, wide, or indented then surgery would be required.
In most people it is suggested that one wait 6 months to one year to allow the scar to mature before electing to do anything. 
Thank you.

--Christopher Nolan, MD
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