Q&A: With large 44 DD breasts, can I have half the size removed?

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I am a small woman with large breasts. 44 DD. They sag and are different sized. I also have back neck and shoulder pain. I have some breast cancer history in my family. I would like at least 1/2 removed or removed entirely. What do you think?


David E. Marcus, M.D. - LocateADoc.com

Thank you for your question. How much one can remove will depend on your anatomy.  There are anatomical limitations to how much we can safely remove. Those limitations have to be considered when deciding if a breast reduction is right for you. Most all of the time we can remove enough to make a difference. 

--David E. Marcus, M.D.
Santa Rosa, CA


Eric R. Mariotti, MD - LocateADoc.com

Because of various problems associated with large heavy breasts, including back aches, neck aches, arm tingling, as well as difficulty finding clothing that fits, breast reduction patients are some of the happiest patients we have.
Usually reducing the size can make a huge difference on how you feel, plus they will look perkier at the same time.  If your family history of breast cancer is very strong, then you could consider genetic testing.  In those women that have the breast cancer gene, we have done prophylactic mastectomies to significantly reduce the risk that they can get breast cancer in the future.
You are always welcome to come in for a consultation.

--Eric R. Mariotti, MD
Concord, CA

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