Q&A: With Fuchs Corneal Dystrophy, when should I go for corneal transplant surgery?

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I was recently diagnosed by my opthomologist as having Fuchs Distrophy. I have foggy vision, hallows around lights, burning eyes,thickenning corneas, and have started to wear perscription glasses 20-30, and 20-60. I also have the start of cataracs. When should I go for corneal transplant surgery?. I am 58 years old.

- Mark


William S. Goldstein, MD -

You should have a trial of medical therapy first, with Muro 128 drops and ointment. If this does not lead to improved vision and comfort, then surgery would be indicated. Find a surgeon who will offer endothelial cell transplantation, not a full thickness corneal transplant!

--William S. Goldstein, MD
Shelby Township, MI


Thomas L. Croley, M.D. -

Corneal transplants are done one eye at a time, when and if they interfere with your lifestyle. If you have a cataract the is also interfering with your vision many times the cataract and corneal transplant surgery are done at the same time.

--Thomas L. Croley, M.D.
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