Q&A: With a lot of extra skin around my middle, would I be a good candidate for a tummy tuck?

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I am thinking of having a tummy tuck done . I have lost over 100 lbs ,and am 53 yrs old I work out consently and are not get the result that I would like . I have a lot of extra skin around my middle and would like to have it removed. Would I be a good candidate for a tummy tuck?

- Denis


Hello— way to go on loosing the wt!
Sometimes the insurance will pay for this, if you meet their criteria. The best thing to do is call and make an appointment for a consultation, that way I can see if you do qualify.
The phone number is 877-603-6114— leave a message if you get the voice mail.
I hope to see you soon so 2015 can be “ Happy New You”

--Anne Taylor, MD
Dublin, OH


Haroon Aziz, M.D. -

Hi there Denis….well done on losing the weight…if you’ve lost a 100 pounds, you more than likely have a significant fold of skin(panniculus) hanging in front of your tummy….Factors that determine how good of a candidate you are,
Are….your height/weight numbers, are you at your ideal weight/goal; what is your
overall health status…any associated health issues and finally how important is the
surgical revoval of the excess skin and how much it bothers you.
These and all the possible associated technical aspects of the treatments can be
discussed with you at length at a Plastic Surgical consultation with a Board Certified
Plastic Surgeon.This allows you to have good information to help you make an informed
evaluation of your options and subsequent planning of the appropriate course of action.
This is an elective operation,is optional and can be performed at any time as long as you
are  healthy and meet the criteria.
   Happy Holidays!!! keep up the good work….
We are here to assist you in the process.

--Haroon Aziz, M.D.
Westerville, OH


Jason Brett Lichten, MD -

For patients who have lost large amounts of weight, either through gastric bypass surgery or diet and exercise, there are surgeries for multiple areas to consider (the abdomen, back, thighs, arms, breasts, face, etc.) and some areas can be combined.  For full body contouring after weight loss, most patients have between 1 and 4 surgeries to address their specific concerns.  Most commonly the surgeries are (1) Abdomen, Flanks and/or Back, (2) Thighs and Breast Lift, (3) Arms and Breast Augmentation, (4) Facelift.  Every person has different areas of concern, so I will work with you to figure out what surgeries and what order to address them in is right for you.
I would be happy to discuss body contouring procedures with you further and address whatever specific areas of concern that you have.  The best way to do that would be to call the office to schedule a time to come in for a consultation.  The consultation fee is $100.00, but this can be applied to the cost of surgery if you schedule your surgery at your initial  consultation.
I look forward to working with you to accomplish your goals.

--Jason Brett Lichten, MD
Lancaster, OH


Bivik Shah, MD -

Having performed a lot of abdominal (belly) reshaping on weight loss procedures, I can tell you that it is very different than a regular tummy tuck.   So, in general, I think you need to go to someone who has a lot of experience with this type of situation.  For your question, if you skin is primarily in the middle of your belly, you may need an up/down incision in addition to the side to side incision.  See, when you lose weight, you lose it in all directions, so that you have extra skin from top to bottom and from side to side.  The traditional horizontal incision only removes skin from the top to bottom direction and does nothing for the side to side direction - that is the where the up/down incision comes in, because the up/down incision will remove skin from the side to side direction.  Of course, some people do not want an up/down incision and I certainly understand that.  That is why, during a consultation, together, we will review all of your options and then you can decide what will fit your life the best.
Please let me know if there are any other questions.
Thank you

--Bivik Shah, MD
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