Q&A: Will stem cell treatment help for Dry Eye Syndrome?

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My wife suffers from dry eye syndrome. We have tried just about everything (apart from glandular transplants). One specialist has diagnosed Sjögrens but there are no accompanying symptoms of rhuematism or dry throat, etc. There is simply an ever-worsening degeneration of the lagrimal glands. Would stem cell treatment offer any hope? The situation is now critical and my wife is forced to wear chambered, dark humidity googles permanently. Many Thanks

- Simon


Emil William Chynn, MD, FACS, MBA -

There are several things that should have already been done, and if they were not done, they should all be done immediately.
Each may only help 5%. However, there are many items, so cumulatively they will make a noticeable improvement
1. employ lid hygiene and take doxycycline to treat meibomitis
2. use preservative free artificial tears
3. add a gel at night
4. drink a lot of water
5. don't drink any caffeine or alcohol
6. use a humidifier
7. take fish oil supplements with omega 3 fatty acids
8. get your tear outflow plugged with punctal plugs
9. don't use contacts 
10. don't get LASIK (you could get LASEK)
these are all things we do to be able to LASEK dry eye patients successfully, when they can't get LASIK.
good luck! :)

--Emil William Chynn, MD, FACS, MBA
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