Q&A: Will I be able to grow eyelashes where a mole was removed along the lashline?

Ask A Doctor Question: 

If I have a raised mole removed on my bottom eyelid along the lashline, Would I be able to still grow eyelashes where the mole was removed?


William L. Reno III, M.D., FACS -

It depends on how deep the incision will need to be made to remove the mole.  A deeper incision may result in the hair not growing.  Some shallow lesions can be shaved off without permanently injuring hair growth. 

--William L. Reno III, M.D., FACS
Hattiesburg, MS


Steven E. Zimmet, MD -

In most cases removal of a superficial lesion won't impact eyelashes.

--Steven E. Zimmet, MD
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