Q&A: Will BOTOX help with chronic gum pain?

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I have had chronic gum pain that radiated to my head and basically debilitates me. I take Tylenol for the pain,1000 mg q4h, it alleviates the pain for around 3.5 hours then it comes back with a vengeance. I have squamous cell carcinoma and had a flap replace 80 % of my tongue. I have no epiglottis. 2 radical neck dissections. I have heard that BOTOX injections can help eliminate the pain that I am having. I have had this pain prior to my cancer diagnosis I believe as a result of shingles that I had in 2011. All of the research I have found points to postherpetic neuralgia. If I can get rid of this pain it would change my life. Will BOTOX help?

- Kevin


Robert Korwin, MAGD MICOI - LocateADoc.com

Although trigeminal neuralgia is not the same condition that you are referring to, consulting a neurologist trained in relieving pain stemming from this similar disorder may be helpful to you. Hope this is helpful.

--Robert Korwin, MAGD MICOI
Middletown, NJ

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