Q&A: What would cause abdominal issues after a tubal ligation?

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I want my tubes reversed I believe there were only tied do to I had Medicaid insurance when I got them tied. I've been having abdominal issues (severe) every since they got tied and Now I am married and want to conceive a baby with my husband. What would cause these abdominal issues?

- D J


Jeffrey M. Goldberg, MD - LocateADoc.com

Although a post-tubal ligation syndrome has been reported with pain and/or abnormal periods following tubal ligation, most doubt that it is a real condition.  Tubal reversal can restore your fertility but I wouldn’t expect it to relieve your pain.  However, other potential causes of pain, such as endometriosis or scar tissue,  may be diagnosed and treated at the time of the tubal reversal.

--Jeffrey M. Goldberg, MD
Solon, OH

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