Q&A: What type of doctor should I contact for an unusual vortex in vision?

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My daughter is seeing an unusual vortex with her vision, and sometimes flashing lights. What type of doctor should I contact for this?

- John


Emilio M. Justo, M.D. -

Dear John...............thank you for your question. It is most important to start by seeing a qualified medical eye care provider such as an ophthalmologist or medically trained optometrist to perform a thorough dilated eye examination to rule out any disease or disorder inside the eye. Assuming everything looks normal, there is a good likelihood that your daughter may be experiencing an ophthalmic migraine which most often is NOT accompanied by headaches. Such types of migraines may recur intermittently and most often each episode may last 15 to 30 minutes.
Please seek medical attention through your eye care provider at this point..................good luck!

--Emilio M. Justo, M.D.
Sun City West, AZ


Andrew Caster, MD, FACS -

I would recommend that your daughter see an eye doctor for a dilated eye examination.

--Andrew Caster, MD, FACS
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