Q&A: What should I tell the doctor after having bad breast implant results?

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3 months ago, I went in for a breast implant exchange (went down a size) w/lift. I paid $11,000.00. The moment I saw myself after the procedure, I let the dr know my left breast was not only smaller than the right, but now one nipple is too high on the rt breast & the left breast is sagging when it never did. I'm so unhappy with the results that I won't look at myself in the mirror w/out my bra on! I'm suppose to see the surgeon tomorrow to discuss what the plan is to correct his work. He suggested a "lift"?? That's what my paperwork said I already had. What should I do, allow him to redo or seek another surgeon? Remember, I've already paid $11,000.00. Thanks

- Suzanne


Richard A. Joseph, MD - LocateADoc.com

Wow, that's quite a story. Let me assure that none of this is your fault.
There are so many unanswered questions. First, you state that you went down a size. I'm assuming that means "one" size. Was the reason for the lift because you were already sagging and going smaller meant that you had even more excess skin?
Next are your implants saline or silicone and are they placed above or below the muscle? What size were you before your implants and what size are you now? Without  seeing you in person it is challenging to imagine your final result.
Being that, I would highly recommend the follow up appointment tomorrow. Confide in your surgeon your concerns and feelings. Listen carefully to his/her evaluation of your current breast size and shape. Ask for a detailed explanation as to what may have caused your unexpected result and how he/she plans to correct things. Also, discuss costs associated with the 'lift" or other procedures that are recommended. We normally don't charge for "redo or touch ups", but every practice is different.
There is nothing wrong with seeking a second or even third opinion. If fact, I highly recommend it.
Please keep me informed as to the outcome of your follow up and any further surgery.

--Richard A. Joseph, MD
Naperville, IL

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