Q&A: What should I do to help with daily nausea after having sleeve gastrectomy two months ago?

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I had the sleeve about two months ago, now I continually vomit every morning just saliva or foam and my mouth seems to build this foam constanly everyday in my mouth, where as I have to spit constantly, and I just feel nausea daily. Really need some help here. What should I do? Thanks, Darella


K. Todd Foreman, M.D., F.A.C.S. -

These symptoms are more than we would expect two months out. I would recommend that you call your surgeon's office and schedule an appointment to further evaluate this issue. 

--K. Todd Foreman, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Huntsville, AL


Robert Chastanet, MD, FACS -

Something is wrong.  You may have a stricture.  You should go back to the bariatric surgeon who operated on you.

--Robert Chastanet, MD, FACS
Chesapeake, VA


Matthew A. Fitzer, M.D. -

Hi Darella.  You are describing "the foamies," a sensation of nausea that is accompanied by overproduction of foamy mucus.  There is an easy solution for this, thankfully:  slow down.  The foamies are everywhere and always a product of eating solid food too fast.  Take smaller bites, pause for a bit If you feel the slightest pressure.
You will get the hang of it.
Good luck,

--Matthew A. Fitzer, M.D.
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