Q&A: What questions should a 42 year old ask before having a breast augmentation?

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I'm considering getting work done on my breasts. I'm 42 yrs old and nurses 2 children, I have also recently lost 50 pds. I still have breasts (36DD..I think) but they are not as big as they were and have went I would like to have a lift done but have no idea what kind and how to go about doing it or asking the right questions. I do know I would like what ever is used to go under the muscle so I can still get breast check ups. What questions should I ask?

- Angela


Joseph Rucker, MD, FACS -

In answer to your questions regarding breast lift procedures:      

The Breast Lift procedure is usually done because of the sagging of the breast.  This can be because of an excessive weight loss, multiple pregnancies or natural aging.  It is an outpatient procedure which is done under a general anesthetic or in smaller cases a mild I.V. sedation and local anesthetic. The vast majority of these procedures are done in our office operatory.   The loss breast skin is tightened to lift the breast and the nipple areola area is not detached but merely reduced in size to match the new breast mound.  Most patients request a perky “C” cup.  I have performed approximately 1,000 breast lifts and the overall complication rate has been very low.  50% of these patients that have undergone breast lift have had a slight augmentation at the same setting.  If you would like more information, feel free to contact Diane at my office. She can answer all of your questions.

--Joseph Rucker, MD, FACS
Eau Claire, WI


Gope C Hotchandani, M.D. -

Angela it's important to wait till you are done loosing all the weight you want to loose before considering the cosmetic breast surgery.
Once you are stable you can get a consult to address your breast surgical needs. You will probably require breast reduction, lift and likely placement of an implant to meet your needs. I presume you are done having children. Check up of your breasts with mammograms is quite possible even with implants under the gland and over the muscle. 
Hope this helps in your planning.

--Gope C Hotchandani, M.D.
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