Q&A: What is the recovery period and side affects of breast reduction surgery?

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How long is the recovery period for breast reduction surgery, and what are te side effects of such a surgery?

- Bee


Ayman El-Attar, MD, FASLMS -

With scarless breast reduction you may resume the usual daily activities within 24 hours. No time off needed but heavy exercise and lifting should be postponed for two weeks.
As with any surgery there is post operative mild discomfort that ameliorate with non narcotic analgesics. Some swelling sand mild bruising can happen but usually resolve within a week to two weeks. Any breast surgery can lead to some breast calcifications to appear on mammography after a variable period of time but it's easily distinguished from calcifications with breast malignant tumors.

--Ayman El-Attar, MD, FASLMS
Mercerville, NJ


Elliot M. Heller, MD -

Dear Bee,
The recovery for any surgical procedure really is different based on each patient.  However, usually breast reduction is about a week to two weeks recovery.  

--Elliot M. Heller, MD
Staten Island, NY


Pedy Ganchi, MD -

Hello Bee,
Thank you for your great question. Our patients typically take one week away from work to recover and return to most daily activities by one to two weeks. Full activity including lifting and exercise is resumed by one month.
Side effects are minimal with the procedure as long as the individual is healthy, and a non-smoker and the Plastic Surgeon is experienced.  There are small risks to any surgery including infection, bleeding, poor healing and scarring.  These can be minimized with the right precautions.
Some of our happiest patients have undergone breast reduction as their back and neck pain is relieved, they can participate in a broader range of activities, enjoy a freedom in clothing selection, and feel more comfort and confidence day to day. Scars fade over time and the trade off is worthwhile. 

--Pedy Ganchi, MD
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