Q&A: What is the cost to repair my earlobe from a piercing?

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my ear has ripped on my earlobe where my piercing is interested in reconstruction to correct it what would this cost?

- Sharon


Scott A Brenman, M.D. - LocateADoc.com

Thank you for your recent inquiry regarding earlobe repair. General cost for repair of a torn earlobe in the office is $750 for one, $1250 for both. This pricing is subject to change based on your evaluation but the fee quoted reflects an average price. Please call for a free consultation and to schedule a convenient time. 
I look forward to meeting with you soon.

--Scott A Brenman, M.D.
Philadelphia, PA


Ayman El-Attar, MD, FASLMS - LocateADoc.com

It's a local anesthesia half hour procedure, The cost is $350 per ear.

--Ayman El-Attar, MD, FASLMS
Mercerville, NJ

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