Q&A: What is the cost to have a fat transfer breast augmentation?

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i have about 1-2 inches of stomach fat which includes love handles also from two pregnancies my kids are 3 and 4 wanting more down the road but would like to have the fat transfer procedure done to have a nice and toned stomach and the fat transferrred onto the breasts how much does this type of procedure cost i know i can get an exact but can i please get an approxiamete cost

- Nadia


Daniel Del Vecchio, M.D. -

Thanks for your inquiry re: breast Augmentation using natural fat.   I have performed many cosmetic breast augmentations with natural fat - amongst the most anyone has performed in the world.
Fat is an alternative to implants but the two techniques give different results and each have their own set of issues, which
are best discussed at the time of consultation.
The fees for breast Augmentation using natural fat depend on the extent of the surgery and specifically whether you would also have implants done or fat grafting done in conjunction with a lift, or fat alone.  This can be better ascertained when you come in for a consultation.

--Daniel Del Vecchio, M.D.
Boston, MA


Stephen Kavka -

Depending on the extent and the local economy, about $3-5,000 plus hospital fees.

--Stephen Kavka
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