Q&A: What is the cost of a Tubal Ligation Reversal?

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I am wondering what the cost of what a Tubal Ligation Reversal is. I am 30 years old I had my tubes tied in 2003 when my daughter was born. Things changed in my life and I want to reverse this. Help please! 

- Tiffany


Wendy J Schillings, MD, FACOG - LocateADoc.com

Some insurance policies covers Tubal Ligation Reversals.  However, if your policy does not cover this procedure, the appropriate cost from our provider is $5000 & there would be additional charges from the hospital which can range between $6000-$9000.  When you come in for an initial consultation, our financial coordinator reviews any associated costs with you in detail & also provides a financial packet with additional literature & financing options.

--Wendy J Schillings, MD, FACOG
Allentown, PA

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