Q&A: What is the cost and recovery time for dimple creation?

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Hello. i would like to have info concerning dimple creation for man (cost, procedure and recovery time thanks terry

- Terry


Barry Kaplan, D.O. -

Dimple creation- this is due to a defect in the muscle and can be created by numbing the inside of the cheek, incising and then incising the muscle. Healing time is minimal. There are no guarantees that both sides take and/or are exactly the same

--Barry Kaplan, D.O.
Altamonte Springs, FL


Remus Repta, MD -

Hello Terry,
Cheek dimple creation surgery is fairly straight forward.  Some of the fat under the skin where the dimple is to be located is removed and a dissolvable suture is placed.  This created a relative depression with a "spot weld" of scar tissue that replicates the dimples.  Cost is variable but averages around 4-5 K with operating room, anesthesia, and surgeons fees.  Recovery is not too cumbersome and primarily involves a little swelling in the first week.

--Remus Repta, MD
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