Q&A: What is the best option for me between Cool Sculpting or Vaser Shape or Zerona?

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I am 24 year old male and I have around 8 pound of body fat around my stomach and A little love handles that are very resistant.I was wondering what is the best option for me between coolsculpting or vasershape or zerona?


David E. Marcus, M.D. - LocateADoc.com

Thanks for your question.  Although I cannot fully address your individual needs I can comment on the technologies asked about.  In my opinion based on studying the subject for many years I believe Cool Sculpting is the most effective and most reliable of the techniques. Zerona is absolutely the worst.  I have but no longer use my Vaser Shape if that tells you anything.  Please call the office for an appointment if you have more specific individualized questions.  Dr. M

--David E. Marcus, M.D.
Santa Rosa, CA

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