Q&A: What instruments do you use for a labiaplasty?

Ask A Doctor Question: 

what instruments do you use for a labiaplasty?

- Stephanie


Maria L Rodriguez, MD - LocateADoc.com

Hi Stephanie. I use the Ellman radio frequency device. I like it a lot better than the laser. It's more precise with less charring. It is like a tiny needle that runs radio frequency through it. If u need more info you can call me.

--Maria L Rodriguez, MD
Santa Fe, NM


Courtenay Poucher, MD, FACOG - LocateADoc.com

Hello Stephanie, 
I use the Ellman surgitron, which utilizes radiofrequency waves to perform labiaplasty with a linear resection. 

--Courtenay Poucher, MD, FACOG
Valencia, CA

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