Q&A: What do you recommend for an African American for stretch marks on my butt and back of my leg?

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Hello I have stretch marks on my butt and back of leg . I'm a african American and Ive tried every product in stores but nothing prescribed . What do you recommend that's prescribed or do you recommend treatment to be done .

- Kendralyn


Robert D. Wilcox, MD -

Dear Kendralyn,
I am afraid I don’t have good news.  There is no effective topical product nor laser that will correct stretch marks.  Every year a new laser or cream comes out claiming to correct cellulite and stretch marks but all to no avail.  You will know when something truly effective comes out because there will be a line of people down the street wanting the treatment.

--Robert D. Wilcox, MD
Plano, TX


Thomas T. Jeneby, MD -

Stretch marks are difficult. We use several lasers for this –A consult would be the best way for us to see the stretch marks and prescribe a treatment plan!

--Thomas T. Jeneby, MD
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