Q&A: What Could Make My Throat Close Up and Spasm?

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I have had a condition for my entire life. My throat will close up at certain times.i have had a very bad cough lately and the throat closing has gotten worse. No rhyme or reason when it happens but when I sleep it gets really scarey. My mother had the same problem. It's like a spasm. Have you ever heard of this before. My Dr. Thinks. I might have a small treachea. What do you think?


Jeffrey Scott Gorodetsky, MD - LocateADoc.com

Although having a small trachea is certainly a possibility, if this has been going on this long and is getting worse, it might be time to do more. If your Family Physician is unable to get a more definitive diagnosis, you should consider requesting a referral to a specialist, either an ENT or a Gastroenterologist. I hope this helps.

--Jeffrey Scott Gorodetsky, MD
Stuart, FL

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