Q&A: What can I do to eliminate extreme armpit fat?

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I have extreme armpit fat. I am not overweight but literally have an extra breast under each arm. And my real breasts are perfect. Will liposuction create extra skin and cause my breasts to sag? What can I do to eliminate it?

- Missy


Haroon Aziz, M.D. - LocateADoc.com

Hi there Missy…..’a picture is worth a thousand words’….but let me answer without the picture.
Whether you are left with extra skin or not is a function of the skin tone you have. There will be no difference in the breasts. That is they will not sag because nothing is being done to them.The armpit fat/extra breast tissue is usually removed by liposuction, and if there is extra skin, then skin removal taking care to hide the incision/scar in the armpit, where it is not visable. I think you should do well. Feel free to email me if there are any additional questions.
Take care….and bon chance!!

--Haroon Aziz, M.D.
Westerville, OH

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