Q&A: What can I do to alleviate loud roaring sounds in both ears?

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I have extreme loud roaring sounds in both ears to the point where I am not getting any sleep. I am not sure what's going on. Any suggestions

- Ann


David Hartig, MD -

Ann, additional information would be helpful in determining the cause and possible management of your symptoms. From what you described, it sounds as though you have a form of tinnitus, though not the typical high-pitched ‘ringing’ that most of us are familiar with. What you are hearing could be caused by a vascular, or blood circulation, abnormality of the head or neck. Further testing with imaging or ultrasound could evaluate this possibility. I would urge you to consult your primary care provider regarding this symptom very soon, particularly if this tinnitus is of recent onset.

--David Hartig, MD
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