Q&A: What can I do about 5 month old pregnancy stretch marks?

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Hello, so my stretch marks appeared on my abdomen right after I delivered my baby.  I didnt get any during my pregnancy so I thought I was in the clear.  They are around my belly button and the streaks appear white in color with surrounding darker pigmented skin. I am an african american female. I still have a semi dark belly from the pregnancy and the dark line running down my stomach.  What can I do about my stretch marks, which procedure? Chemical peel? Microdermabrasion? Laser? * Also I noticed a nickel sized HYPOpigmented spot behind my leg is this normal and can it go away?


William W. Ehrlich, MD FAACS -

First, you should know that it will almost certainly improve for 12-14 months following your delivery, assuming you reach your pre-pregnancy weight.  At the very least, the positions of the marks will not be completely constant until that time.
There is nothing that I know of that always, without a doubt, helps stretch marks.  
Some use salicylic acid peels.  Some use radio-frequency, ultrasound, lasers, or or heat.  In Europe, mechanical rollers and/or massage are sometimes thought to help.  
Good luck.

--William W. Ehrlich, MD FAACS
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