Q&A: What are the differences in liposuction and how much does it cost?

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I am a 34years old female. I would like to do plastic surgery or liposuction. I do not know the difference of this. Kindly explain this. How much the cost take this surgery. I want to do hip & stomach portion.
- Meena


A. Roy Heron, M.D., Owner -

Attached you'll see an explanation about the three difference procedures of liposuction.  Know that one needs to be seen for us to explain in detail what you should have done and the cost for this. We offer a consultation in person to accomplish this. I look forward to hearing from you if you want to proceed.
Regular liposuction: One is admitted into hospital, where one is given general anesthesia (put to sleep). The physician then uses a large cannula and aggressively removes large amounts of fat. Because of this technique, the muscle below the adipose fat layer is traumatize and there is a small % of fatalities (3 %). One generally takes one 7 to 14 days bed rest to recover. In addition, one may have several areas of unevenness (honeycomb effect) and most times 80% of the fat is removed but one has loose skin. Many times one needs a tummy tuck after liposuction. 
Tumescent liposuction: This procedure is done in a surgical suite in a doctor’s office. Local anesthesia is used (you are awake) and a very small cannula is used to remove the fat. Because this is much less aggressive, its far safer (zero fatalities). Generally one day recovery and we are able to get 60 to 75% of fat out. Loose skin does occur (no skin tightening can occur from this procedure) so a tummy tuck may be required to give one a finished look. 
Smart-Lipo: This procedure is also done in a surgical suite in a doctor’s office while you are awake. The laser fiber is inserted into a very small hole and when fired, a shower like effect occur, destroying (melting) all the fat within a two inch radius with each stroke. In addition, the laser stimulate collagen (increases skin tightening) and gives one a smooth effect. A very small cannula is then used to suck out all the melted fat. One can generally get 95 % to 100% of the fat removed up to a 3 inch depth. Generally there is no downtime or 1 day maximum. Results are permanent and the fat cannot return.

--A. Roy Heron, M.D., Owner
Alexandria, VA



Liposuction is a type of plastic or cosmetic surgery where by  pure body fat is suctioned via small tubes inserted through the skin and  connected to a suction device, therefore the suctioned area  ends with  less fat. Any fat in the body that we can hold and feel in our hands can be suctioned. The cost of this procedure varies according to the patients quality and quantity of fat, and skin. Also the cost varies as to where in the country is the procedure is being performed. Many doctors offer free consultations and I feel its better to be seen by a physician to evaluate you and give you a price quote.

Brooklyn, NY


Marco Gonzalez, MD -

Plastic surgery encompases the whole specialty of Plastic Surgery but know if you are interested in Lipo-suction first I would recommend to see a Plastic Surgeon and have an initial consultation to see what is bothering you about your abdominal and hip area. During your visit the Plastic Surgeon will examine you and will determine a treatment and plan for you. Cost could range from 3 to 4 thousand dollars and area depends what city you are located in.

--Marco Gonzalez, MD
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