Q&A: What are the advantages / disadvantages of smooth and textured saline implants?

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I have gone for several consults for breast augmentation.  Some want to use smooth saline implants and others want to use textured saline implants.
What are the advantages/disadvantages to either of these?  What is the difference? 
- Sunshine


Benjamin Schlechter, MD -

Thank you for your question. The answer is relatively simple. With textured implants, the surface offers better ingrowth of tissue onto the implant itself; thus there is less movement of the breasts. Smooth implants on the other hand, are not fixed and therefore the result is more natural movement of the breasts. Other than that, the types are compatible. What it all comes down to is personal preference.

--Benjamin Schlechter, MD
Wyomissing, PA


Marco Gonzalez, MD -

First let me start by saying the trend around the country is using smooth implants why because if you are to form a capsule contracture their is an option to either change the pocket where the implant sits in or change to a textured implant. In regards to material composition the shell on both smooth and textured implants  are both made of silicone. Now what is the diffrence is that one is smooth and the other one  is textured for tissue ingrowth.  If we are to go into the literature there is no diffrence in the rate of capsule contraction, deflation, rupture. There is no dissadvantage on either of these implants, the FDA does recommned MRI for detection of rupture.  There is data in regards to use so yes its a safe product to use.

--Marco Gonzalez, MD
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