Q&A: Is there anything that can be done for stiffness after knee replacements?

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I have had two knee replacements. The right one was done in November of this year. The left was done 3 yrs ago and I can't get full bending from it and both get stiff after sitting and standing.

- Mary


Dr. Bill Rice, DC, LAc, FACCN, DCBCN - LocateADoc.com

I have treated many people with knee replacements, including professional athletes with hip replacements. Acupuncture can be helpful in reducing your stiffness. I would imagine you've done quite a bit of PT for knees but you are still not satisfied with the persistent stiffness.  I also do BioPuncture (acupuncture injection therapy AIT) -- where i can inject homeopathic remedies into acupuncture points to aid in the resolution of your problem. Please feel free to call for free consultation or to make an appointment.

--Dr. Bill Rice, DC, LAc, FACCN, DCBCN
West Palm Beach, FL


Glen Peterson, DC - LocateADoc.com

From an alternative perspective and as an acupuncturist I have found that acupuncture treatments of the knees with some stretching after treatment provides a great deal of relief from pain and an increase in mobility.  Comes with no side effects as well other than a little increase in pain during the first few stretching treatments. 

--Glen Peterson, DC
Knightdale, NC

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