Q&A: Is there any safe diet pill or injections that works?

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Only need to lose about 40 pounds. Is there any safe diet pill or injections that works? Had a bariatric doctor 15 years ago and was put on medicine, worked fantastic for me but doctor moved out of state and now being older and on medications have concerns taking over the counter dietary supplements. I do not want to waste a doctors time or mine if this is not possible.


Corinne Kauderer -

There is no fast way or special diet pill to help you lose weight. It takes a well thought out plan. You need to write down everything you are eating and ask yourself, why am I eating these foods? Are they healthy foods? What food value do they have? Are you eating enough greens? Find a health coach and begin your journey to better health. 

--Corinne Kauderer
Marlboro, NJ


Marian Blaesser Kahn, DNP -

One of the safest pills on the market is phentermine. It has been around for over 50 years and has helped numerous people feel full on smaller mounts f food. Used at the beginning of a healthy eating program, phentermine helps establish healthy eating habits and enables a person to keep the weight off.

--Marian Blaesser Kahn, DNP
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