Q&A: Is there a procedure that can make my vagina more plump and fuller?

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my vagina is too flat is there a procedure that can make it more plump and fuller. need to know what or the risks in getting this procedure done

- Charmaine


Red M. Alinsod, M.D., FACOG, FACS, ACGE -

It sounds as if your labia majora may have lost volume or has loose skin that causes the flat look.  There are a couple ways to address this problem.  The non-surgical approach and surgical approach.  The non-invasive treatment I developed several years ago is to use radiofrequency waves to shrink the skin and increase collagen production resulting in softer and plumper labia majora.  This is a superficial treatment that works quite well. I have just recently also developed a subdermal treatment that revitalizes the labia majora from the inside also using radiofrequency  that stimulates tightening and thickening of skin.  I actually combine the internal and external treatments to give a gorgeous youthful look.  We are the only ones in the world doing these labia majora cases using non-surgical subdermal and superficial therapies.  
The minimally invasive procedure of fat transfer or using fillers (such as Juvederm) has been used for years with results that can be beautiful in the right patient.  Plastic surgeons and specialized gynecologic surgeons can do these.  Many cosmetic surgeons also can do these fat transfers.  This procedure can plump up your labia majora but you must be careful of what you ask for.  The problem with fat transfers to the labia majora is that it worsens the "Camel Toe" look and leads to more sweaty feeling in your genital area.  
On the surgical side of treatment you can have labia majoraplasty. This is a great technique I developed about 10 years ago that is virtually undetectable.  It results in the most comfort for you specially if you are athletic.  
Actually, there are so many choices nowadays on how to treat the labia majora.  Get individualized evaluation and recommendations.  
Risks of labia fat transfer include rare bleeding problem or hemorrhage, bruising, pain, infection, fat turning in to a solid chunk or lipoma, worse discomfort due to bulkiness, more sweating down there.  
Hope this helps.

--Red M. Alinsod, M.D., FACOG, FACS, ACGE
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