Q&A: Is it possible to have labiaplasty with a reduction in vaginal hood and vaginal tightening at the same time?

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It is possible to get multiple procedures done at the same time? I would like to have labiaplasty with reduction of vaginal hood as well vaginal tightening done at the same time. I 52 yrs. old & have had 4 children. Thank you.

- Carol


Oliver K Bayouth Jr, MD MFM FACOG - LocateADoc.com

Yes, it is possible to perform multiple procedures at once as long as your health insurance carrier approves and medically you are a good fit to do so.
Some of the procedures you are inquiring about are considered plastic/cosmetic surgery and various carriers reject coverage.
However, if there is a medical indication for the reconstruction it can be submitted as such to your insurance company for approval.
If you would like to proceed, we must certainly welcome your call to consult and evaluate as required.

--Oliver K Bayouth Jr, MD MFM FACOG
Orlando, FL


Steven A. Goldman, MD - LocateADoc.com

It is possible to have multiple procedures done at the same time. What can be done concurrently depends on the total time for all of the procedures and some other considerations. The specific procedures you mention can be performed at same time if you're a good candidate. Thanks for your question.

--Steven A. Goldman, MD
Beachwood, OH

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