Q&A: Is Frontalis Sling Surgery reversible for Congenita Ptosis?

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Hello I Have Congenital Ptosis Now I am 24 Years Old I have some questions regarding Frontalis Sling Surgery 1. Is Sling Reversible? I have mild to moderate Ptosis 2. Will my eyes droop even more after reversing? 3. Is the option of muscle resection still available after reversing frontalis sling?

- Pang


Emilio M. Justo, M.D. -

Dear Pang................thank you for your question regarding congenital ptosis, which as you may know is completely different from acquired ptosis. Although I personally do not treat or operate on congenital ptosis patients, the best method for helping alleviate the symptoms is a frontalis sling, which is intended such that the patient uses their forehead frontalis muscle to help elevate the eyelid. The aesthetic results are far from perfect because in congenital ptosis the levator muscle has not developed properly. Typically in true congenital ptosis performing a levator muscle resection has little, if any, effect as the muscle has not developed from birth and therefore will not work by simply shortening or tightening it.
Best wishes in your search for improvement of your eyelids!

--Emilio M. Justo, M.D.
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