Q&A: Is a pincer nail fixable or am I stuck with deformed toenails?

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Both of my big toes have pincer nails. The right one is worse than the left. Is this fixable or am I stick with deformed toenails?

- Ashlie


John Doolan, DPM - LocateADoc.com

I am sure we can fix this.  Please come in and we will take care of this.

--John Doolan, DPM
New York, NY


Kenneth James Donovan, DPM - LocateADoc.com

Pincer nails can be fixed with a minor in office procedure to prevent them from coming back. My wife had her Pincer nails taken care of 5 years ago and she couldn't be happier.

--Kenneth James Donovan, DPM
Warren, NJ


Iliya Beylin, DPM - LocateADoc.com

Hi Ashlie. Most likely there is nothing that can be done except removing the nails. I would need to evaluate you to be certain though. 

--Iliya Beylin, DPM
Coral Springs, FL


Stephen Lasday, DPM - LocateADoc.com

A pincer nail can be caused by several things,  including damage or infection to the nail root or damage to the underlying bone in the toe.  Using high percentage urea nail gel may help , but often the shape of the nail is a result of the shape of the nail root.  In many cases your best option is to have the nail removed, which is a simple office procedure.

--Stephen Lasday, DPM
Sarasota, FL

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