Q&A: I may have depression and I have been physically hurting myself. Is there anything that I can do?

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I think i may have depression and i have been physically hurting myself. I was drinking but i stopped. then recently i started cutting. My boyfriend is concerned and talks to me a lot which helps. Ive tried to tell my mom about how i feel but a short while ago a friend of mine had a depression problem and she thinks im trying to copy. Is there anything that i could do that doesnt involve my mom?

- Brittany


Martin Kluger, Ph.D. -

Sometimes it is hard to talk to a family member about our problems and that is why people see psychologists.  But if you are depressed, and cutting, then it is important that you come into see either a psychologist or psychiatrist (who can prescribe medicine if you need), so we can find ways to help you.  Unfortunately, it sounds like this is something that you will not 'fix' on your own or just with a friends help.

--Martin Kluger, Ph.D.
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