Q&A: I'm fat and unhappy. What should I do?

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I am 100lbs over weight and tired of being fat! I can't breath, I can't walk, I can't ever shower without getting short of breathe. My problem isn't that I eat to much, I was afraid I would gain weight while having 6 shoulder surgeries so, I would only eat once a day, Now I have no metabolism. I have tried nutra system and gained weight.

- Dianna


Keith Norton Marshall, DO -

You are 100 lbs overweight. This most likely meets the criteria for Bariatric surgery. It very unlikely that you will lose weight significantly with diet and exercise, and keep it off. Bariatric surgery is more than an option, it is the recommended treatment for this disease of morbid obesity. You will lose up to 75%of the excess weight and get rid of almost all of the other conditions caused by the obesity. You will be more mobile and breathe better. Call me if you have any questions. 

--Keith Norton Marshall, DO
Warren, MI


Thomas W. Clark, M.D. -

Hello!  This is Cat Williamson, Office Manager at Dr. Clark's Center for Weight Loss Success.  Thank you for contacting us for information on reaching your weight loss goal!
Since we have a variety of weight loss options at our Center, I am confident that one of these would be a fit for you!
If you're interested in Weight Loss Surgery, we would love to have you come
in for one of our free informational surgical seminars.  This is where our
Physician, Dr. Thomas W. Clark, talks in a classroom situation concerning
surgical options. We also have a very exclusive Surgical Travel Program.  If
you are interested in taking a step toward traveling for weight loss
surgery, we ask you to view Dr. Clark's surgical webinar.  Afterwards, we
would be excited to set up your one on one consultation with Dr. Clark.
Whether you live in our area, or are traveling for surgery, our
exclusive 12 Month Weight Management University for Weight Loss Surgery(tm)
will guide you through your entire weight loss journey!
Our most comprehensive non-surgical weight loss program 6-Month Weight
Management University(tm) incorporates the most important tools for weight
loss optimization.  Included here are weekly behavior modification classes,
fitness, and individualized nutritional counseling based on YOUR metabolism.
Within this exclusive program, Dr. Clark will guide your Lifestyle Weight
Management Coach through the nutritional curriculum that's right for you!

--Thomas W. Clark, M.D.
Newport News, VA


Marian Blaesser Kahn, DNP -

Thank you for your question. It looks like you understand the phenomenon of eating too few calories and having your metabolism slow - or going into starvation mode.
I recommend you find a medical weight loss program that tests your blood, evaluates your heart function and provides medical monitoring of your weight loss. 
Your path to better health begins with taking small steps and learning to eat the right amounts at the right time.
Good luck on your journey!

--Marian Blaesser Kahn, DNP
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