Q&A: I have a severe case of rotting teeth. The white part of my teeth is almost gone. What are my options?

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I have a severe case of rotting teeth the white part of my teeth are almost gone what would be an options for me and about how much would it cost? 

- Steve


Ballantyne Center for Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry, DDS - LocateADoc.com

I am sorry to hear about the extensive nature of your dental problems.  Unfortunately, it sounds like the protective white layer of tooth structure, called enamel, has been lost.  When this occurs there are only a few options.  You are probably looking at one of two options.  One would be to remove all of the teeth and replace them with dentures and or implants.  The other option would be to use any existing teeth that had enough bone around the roots and build on that foundation.  By using the existing teeth it is likely that many if not all would need root canals, post and cores, and caps or bridges.  This second option is less predictable.  I usually discourage people from taking it if the teeth have been compromised by acid or bacteria/cavities.  It is difficult to go into further details without having specific diagnostic films, an examination, and a dental/medical history.  
The cost for full mouth rehabilitation can vary tremendously. Patients can spend anywhere from $5000-$50,000 depending on whether more sophisticated types of dentistry are used, ie..dental implants. Having all of your teeth pulled and dentures placed is probably the most cost effective way to go.  
If you are looking for more information about how to find a dentist who can give you all your options, call or email our practice and request one of the several reports we have written on various subjects.
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--Ballantyne Center for Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry, DDS
Charlotte, NC

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